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Sentence Modification

If you have been convicted of a crime and feel that the punishment may have been too harsh, you may be a candidate for sentence modification. Depending on the type of crime you are convicted of, you may be eligible for your sentence to be modified or changed in some way. Just because you are eligible for sentence modification doesn’t mean you will be approved for one. It takes the support of a talented legal team like ours here at Shircliff Law LLC in Indianapolis to navigate the legal system, apply for, and get a sentence modified.

David Shircliff has been an Indiana criminal defense attorney for over 20 years and has handled over 200 cases, including a number of sentence modifications where he was able to get sentences shortened or moved from prison to home detention as well as other changes. Sentence modification in Indiana has a lot of factors that can determine whether it is successful, and David knows how to navigate all of them.

At Shircliff Law LLC, we know that the legal system doesn’t always get it right and that some things change once a person goes to prison. That’s why we are proud to offer a free consultation to all new clients to discuss your sentence, the factors surrounding it, and whether it can be modified. Call us at 317-279-4894.

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How Sentence Modification Works

There are many rules that govern sentence modification in Indiana as well as certain convictions that aren’t able to be modified. It is important to understand these rules so that you have an idea as to whether your sentence might be able to be modified.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that violent crime convictions and convictions that are a result of a plea bargain are not eligible for modification regardless of the circumstances. Most other crimes may be eligible for modification if you meet one of the requirements. There are 4 situations that make it possible to modify a sentence.

New Information – If new evidence, testimony or other information is found that is relevant to your case, it is possible to seek a sentence modification.

Erroneous Sentencing – In some cases a sentence imposed on someone accused of a crime can be illegal or somehow made in error. If this can be proven, that sentence may be eligible for modification.

Rehabilitation – If during your sentence you complete a rehabilitation program or some other form of self improvement, your sentence may be able to be modified.

Familial Hardship – If the sentence imposed for a crime causes excessive and undo harm to the family of the person sentenced, it may be possible to have it modified.

If your case meets one or more of these criteria then it’s a good idea to talk with your legal defense team about how to go about getting your sentence modified.

The type of modification your sentence will be eligible for will depend on your unique situation as well as the cause for the modification. For example, a person whose sentence is causing undue hardship for their family may be eligible for house arrest instead of imprisonment.

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