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Combat your charges with confidence when you work with me, attorney David Shircliff. I have the experience, drive and insight you need to confront criminal concerns that threaten your reputation, livelihood and future.

Attorney David A. Shircliff
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When you have had a brush with the law, complicated legal processes and the court of public opinion can make it difficult to believe that you’re innocent until proven guilty. You can’t rely on a wait-and-see approach to resolve a criminal matter. You have to take prompt, effective action – and I can help.

I am David Shircliff, a criminal defense attorney with decades of experience with Indiana’s legal system. Over the course of my career, I have represented thousands of clients, first as a public defender and later in my private practice. As an adjunct professor in Indianapolis and a faculty member of the National Criminal Defense College, I draw on this insight when I teach aspiring and seasoned lawyers on federal and state procedures. Few Hamilton County attorneys can match the depth of knowledge that I bring to the table. 

Misdemeanor and felony charges have severe penalties attached to them. Now is not the time to retain an unpracticed legal professional or a first-year associate. Retaining a proven attorney can make all the difference in how your case is resolved.

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While I have been practicing law since 1990, my commitment to my clients hasn’t diminished over time. As a solo attorney, I don’t hand off work to associates. I work closely with each of my clients and develop a legal strategy that addresses their unique concerns. I manage all aspects of my clients’ cases from day one until the matter is resolved.

My clients benefit from the small firm attentiveness I provide and the large firm insight I possess. Whether you require representation for a state or federal-level charge, I am qualified to guide you through the process and will keep you informed at all points along the way. You should expect nothing less from the attorney you entrust with your case.

Attorney David A. Shircliff
Attorney David A. Shircliff talking to client

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