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Campus Crimes

Crimes on college campuses are much more common than most people realize. For students, a conviction of a crime on campus can derail your education, threaten your freedom, and dramatically alter the path that your life is on. Without the right legal representation, it’s possible to face severe penalties for committing even minor offenses. At Shircliff Law LLC, we have dedicated our professional lives to defending Indiana residents against criminal charges.

David Shircliff has 20+ years of criminal defense experience and he is here to help you if you’ve been charged with a campus crime. Over his years of experience, David has taken over 200 cases and many of them have had successful results. Because campus crimes can cover a whole range of different crimes, you need David and his legal team on your side to defend against any charges that may occur.

At Shircliff Law LLC, we believe every person deserves to be treated fairly by the legal system. New clients get a free consultation. Call 317-279-4894, and we will go over the facts of your case to help determine how we can help you. Our goal is to get you a favorable outcome for your case, whether that be reduced charges, lower penalties, or a complete acquittal.

Why You Should Hire Shircliff Law LLC For Your Campus Crime

The legal penalties for any of these types of crimes can range from probation, to upwards of thousands of dollars in fines, and possibly years in jail depending on the severity of the crime.

Unfortunately, if you are charged with a crime on campus, you have to deal with more than just the legal penalties of the crime, it can also impact your future prospects as well. Without legal assistance you risk having a conviction on your record that could get you kicked out of college, bar you from furthering your education, such as entering medical school or a higher program and may even prevent you from being able to be employed.

Without someone who knows the law on your side, you run the risk of drastically damaging your future. Attorney Shircliff knows how to work for you to keep convictions off your record, to work with the system to limit the damage

Types of Campus Crimes

Campus crimes can cover just about any type of illegal activity, but here are some of the most common campus crimes we see:

  • Underage drinking
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Property damage
  • Theft
  • Trespassing
  • Burglary
  • DUI
  • Assault
  • Battery

While many of these crimes are misdemeanors, depending on the severity of some of them, they can easily be upgraded to felonies, which carry much harsher penalties and can have dramatic consequences on the life of the student who is charged with them. If you are charged with a campus crime, it is important to hire legal help right away. Choosing to represent yourself can lead to a negative outcome for your case.

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