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Juvenile Crimes

Being the parent of a child charged with a juvenile crime can be a terrifying experience. For the child accused or charged with the crime it can mean years of their life lost and potentially their future prospects ruined. Without a strong legal defense it can be tough to recover from these types of situations. If you live in Indianapolis and have a child accused of a juvenile crime, then you need Shircliff Law LLC on your side. We’re the local law firm you can trust when it comes to criminal defense.

David Shircliff has been handling criminal defense cases and getting positive results for over 20 years. That includes reducing the penalties and getting acquittals granted in juvenile cases as well. David has a passion for criminal defense and for making sure that people are treated fairly by the legal system.

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How Do Juvenile Crimes Work in Indiana?

When your child is charged with a crime as a juvenile, they are placed into the juvenile court system and typically sent to a juvenile detention center to await a hearing. It’s important to have a legal team on your side when this happens as a judge will hear from all sides regarding the charges the juvenile is facing.

Indiana allows for crimes to stay classified as juvenile crimes or be moved up to the adult court for all crimes except misdemeanor traffic violations and DUI charges. This means that depending on the nature of the crime and the factors involved, a juvenile charge can be upgraded, at the discretion of the judge, to an adult charge, where the child will face adult penalties.

During the hearing phase a judge hears from the prosecution, the arresting officer, and the defense in order to make the determination of whether to keep the case in juvenile court or move it to adult court. Having a strong defense is crucial to making sure that a juvenile crime does not end up with harsher than necessary penalties.

In most cases the history of the juvenile will be examined as well as history of prior offenses, the motive for the crime and whether or not there was malice or intent when the crime was committed.

Potential Penalties For Juvenile Crimes

Unless the case is moved to adult court juvenile crimes are punished according to the severity of the crime and the child’s history. This determination is made by a judge who has the authority to sentence the child for the crime.

There are three standard punishment options for juvenile crimes in Indiana. The first is juvenile detention, where the juvenile is placed in a correctional facility for youths, up to the age of 18.

Next, there is the option of community service with components similar to probation.

Lastly, the judge may sentence the youth to some form of rehabilitation or therapy instead of imposing a harsher penalty. While a juvenile record can impact future prospects such as education, it is possible to get this record sealed or even expunged with an experienced legal defense team.

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