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Guiding You Through The Criminal Appeals And Expungements Processes

After a criminal conviction, you may have concerns about the permanent impact it will have on your life. When you have a criminal record, finding employment, housing, loans, and maintaining some professional licenses can be more difficult. At Shircliff Law LLC in Fishers, I am here to help you fight your criminal charges, including record expungement and appeals.

With over 30 years of experience dedicating my career to defending clients throughout Indiana, I utilize my legal knowledge to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your case. Having worked as a public defender and represented clients in more than 160 jury trials, I have a unique insight into Indiana’s criminal justice system. When you work with me, you receive the personal attention of a small law firm with the experience and knowledge of a large law firm.

Criminal Record Expungements

You don’t deserve to have a criminal charge hinder your career and impact every facet of your life. Indiana state law provides a solution for some individuals with criminal records through expungements. When your criminal record is expunged, arrest records or criminal charges that did not result in a conviction can be removed or sealed.

However, not every criminal offense can be expunged, including violent offenses, sexual offenses, homicide, manslaughter and convictions for two or more crimes involving a deadly weapon. At Shircliff Law LLC, I will thoroughly evaluate your case record and advise you of your rights and options. If you qualify for an expungement, I will guide you through every step of the process.

Appealing A Criminal Conviction

Sometimes, the result of your criminal trial is unfavorable and can lead to years behind bars and a permanent criminal record. In some circumstances, you may have the option to file an appeal to overturn the results of your previous trial. However, you must base your appeal on errors made during your trial.

At Shircliff Law LLC, I have years of experience assisting clients in filing appeals to challenge the results of their criminal trials. I will examine your case, the trial transcripts and records and explain your options.

Let’s Discuss Your Options

Everyone deserves a second chance. If your criminal record keeps you from living your life, contact me to discuss your appeal or expungement options. To schedule a free consultation, call me at 317-279-4894 or fill out my online contact form. From my Fishers office, I can represent clients in Hamilton, Hendricks, Madison, Delaware, Henry, Hancock, Johnson, Marion and Decatur counties.