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Battery And Violent Crimes

Violent crimes typically carry very harsh penalties, so if you’re charged with battery or a similar violent crime, you’ll want to have a legal team at the ready to defend you. At Shircliff Law LLC, we know that the legal system doesn’t get it right every single time and that sometimes the punishment does not fit the crime or the proof simply isn’t there. That’s why David Shircliff and his team are the Indiana criminal defense team you need on your side.

David is an Indiana criminal defense attorney with over 20 years of criminal defense experience and has handled well over 200 cases with positive results. He knows the law and the tactics the prosecution will use to try and prove your guilt. He also knows how to fight to protect your rights and make sure the penalty does fit the crime, and if it doesn’t he’ll work to get your charges reduce, the penalty reduced, or an acquittal of the charges.

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What is Battery?

If you’re charged with battery you may be wondering what the definition of this crime means. Battery is defined as the inflicting of harm upon an individual. There are various forms of battery with the most serious form known as aggravated battery, which involves the malicious intent to cause physical harm to a person. This is often accompanied by severe injury to the person and carries harsh penalties.

A charge of battery may also be accompanied by an assault charge, which is defined as causing a person to have reasonable fear that they may be harmed. When these two charges are combined, the penalties are greater.

Penalties For Battery

The penalty for a battery charge carries a range based on the intent of the attacker and the severity of the injury. According to Indiana code section 35-42-2-1, This range typically starts as a class B misdemeanor in Indiana which carries a sentence of up to 6 months in jail, a fine of up to $500, and/or probation that may total up to one year.

More severe cases can result in felony charges which can range from a few years in jail to 20 or more years and fines totaling thousands of dollars.

How A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

It is the job of a criminal defense attorney to represent you against the prosecution and attempt to disprove the charges against you. Your defense attorney is responsible for reviewing all the facts of your case, including the charges you are facing, the evidence against you, and any witnesses that may speak on the prosecutor’s behalf.

From there your attorney may seek to have the charges reduced by proving that they are too excessive. They may request a reduction in the penalty for the crime based on the facts of the case and things such as criminal history. Lastly, if possible your attorney will attempt for an acquittal.

It is also possible for your attorney to help protect professional licenses like teaching licenses, medical licenses, and trucking or specialized driving licenses.

When you’re facing charges of battery or another violent crime, having a defense attorney that is on your side and works hard to defend you can make all the difference in whether you spend time in jail or not.

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