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Robbery And Burglary

If you are accused of or charged with robbery or burglary, these are very serious crimes that each carry harsh penalties and depending on the nature of the crime can lead to years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. It’s important to note that while they are similar, robbery and burglary are two distinct and separate crimes and the penalties for each are different as well. To understand what you are being charged with and why, you need an experienced legal team on your side, a team like the one at Shircliff Law LLC.

David Shircliff is your local Indianapolis criminal defense attorney who has been fighting to protect your rights, your freedom and your professional licenses and certifications for over 20 years. David has handled over 200 cases in his career and has produced many positive results for his clients. He knows how these charges work, how the prosecution works and he can help to limit your penalties and if possible, gain an acquittal.

We understand that being accused or charged with these types of crimes can be life changing in many ways. That’s why everyone should have a criminal defense attorney that will work towards getting them acquitted. We offer new clients a free consultation to discuss the nature of their case and to determine how we can help. Call us at 317-279-4894 or send an email to arrange your consultation.

What’s The Difference Between Robbery and Burglary?

Robbery and burglary are both crimes that involve theft, but it is the nature of each crime that is different and also the reason why the penalties are different.

Robbery is the forceful taking of a victim’s belongings while in their presence and generally involves using some means of force such as violence or threats to do so. Stealing of a person’s possession is considered theft in most cases, but when force is applied it becomes robbery. The amount of force needed to make a theft become a robbery is relative to the victim and thus very hard to prove or disprove.

If a weapon is used during the robbery the charge becomes armed robbery which carries even harsher penalties.

According to section 35-43-2-1 of Indiana Code, Burglary involves the act of breaking into a person’s property to steal their belongings. Burglary can be considered any of 5 different felonies depending on specific factors such as what type of dwelling it was and whether or not harm was caused to the victim.

Because of the specific factors behind each crime, the exact punishment it is possible to receive will be different for each classification.

How Can Shircliff Law LLC Help?

Having the help of the legal team at Shircliff Law LLC can make all the difference in the severity of your charges and the punishment you receive. These types of cases can be difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and our team can help make sure you receive a fair deal based on the actual crime that was committed and not the prosecutor trying to charge you with the highest possible crime.

We’ll look at all the facts of the case to dispute prosecutions claims and provide reasonable doubt as they defend your case.